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What is purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat?

purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat is a percussion instrument that supports the beat by creating a sharp and concise percussive sound with the tap of one foot (heel or toe).

Upon playing, a spring-loaded element in the purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat housing is released and falls back to its’ resting position, creating a sound comparable to the short sound of a closed hi-hat following impact of the cymbals with one another. It is a stabilizing element for all musicians who have at least one foot free while playing.


This palm-sized instrument has a sleek and elegant rectangular form. Its’ small size and light weight make transport extremely easy. The purob-tsic-Floor-Hat is a stabile and robust stainless steel product that is made in Germany.

Purob-tsic-Floor-Hat differs significantly in tone and sound quality from similar products and stands out especially for its high frequency and assertiveness in concert with other instruments.

Its’ small size and the fact that purob-tsic-Floor-Hat does not have to be attached to the foot or shoe offers the musician maximum freedom of movement, and thus allows for selective usage and a quick change to other pedals, Clave blocks or Bells/Campanas.



• Electrical amplification of the purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat is undertaken best when the instrument is placed freestanding on an anti-slip sound insulating mat, allowing for optimum sound reproduction while absorbing undesirable ambient noise.
• The amplification can either be done using a microphone on a small stand or via the Piezo pickup on the under side of the instrument.

The Instrument Applications are Myriad

• The percussion instrument purob-tsic-Floor-Hat is played by either:
• tapping the upper surface of the instrument housing with the heel as the toe rests on the anti-slip mat (ensuring it does not slip out of place), or by
• tapping with the toe as the heel rests on the mat.
• Unintentional movement of the instrument is avoided by the three-pointed sharp spikes on the underside which are pressed into the anti-slip sound insulation mat upon tapping or lightly treading on the housing of the instrument — the pressure of

  • the musicians foot and the weight of the instrument itself are enough to ensure stability.
  • The anti-slip matting is also a protective measure for the potentially sensitive flooring.
  • In addition to its’ primary intended use as a foot instrument, purob-tsic-Floor-Hat may also be held in the hand and used as a shaker/Ganza.
  • Those who take pleasure in intense rhythmic footwork can employ a second one for the other foot.

Purob Anwendung 3

Musical Applications for purob

As a percussionist drumming with both hands I recognized the possibility and challenge of integrating the feet into play. With limited space requirements I could add a stabilizing element–comparable to the Hi-Hat of the traditional drum kit–with the simplest of means.

purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat is ideal as a complement to the beat-driving rhythmical support for practice at home, in lessons, at performances and in the recording studio.

In addition, whether in professional performances on stage or on the street and independent of musical genre, purob-tsic-Floor-Hat’s small size insures it’s quick, practical and uncomplicated implementation.

purob-tsic-Floor-Hat is also an ideal travel accessory.

4. For whom is purob-tsic-Floor-Hat intended?

purob-tsic-Floor-Hat is intended for percussionists, drummers, vocalists, and stringed-, keyboard- and wind- instrumentalists who have at least one foot free and/or feel the need and seek the challenge of adding the beat, offbeat, Clave or Compás and their countless variants to their main instrumentals.


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