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From Idea to Reality

As an adventurous percussionist, an instrument such as the purob-tsic-Floor-Hat has long been missing from my tool box. The limitless possibilities of attaching various rattles, bells and chimes to the leg or foot never left me fully satisfied.

The fact that these possibilities require that the leg remain completely still when no side noises are desired effectively made the separation of the individual voices impossible. For the same reason, a spontaneous switch to a different instrument played with the foot (Clave-block or bells) was also impractical.

In the process of my broad research I dis-covered other curious inventions, but none comparable with the purob-tsic-Floor-Hat. Thus one day my idea was born, and the purob-tsic-Floor-Hat went from the initial idea through a long process to its’ current form.



The positive feedback and enthusiasm of my musician colleagues whom I entrusted with testing the purob®-tsic-Floor-Hat gave me the motivation to bring this idea to fruition. This motivation and the encouraging reception of friends eased me through many hurdles in this process. I am so happy and would like to thank everyone for their optimism, encouragement, constructive criticism and support.

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Jul 11
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